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Anna Sapproved

Hi, my name is Anna, I’m looking for a 2 bedroom place to rent in the Oxford area in August 2017.



Smoker: No

Pets: No

Dependents: No

Comprehensive checks

We check the tenant is who they claim to be. This includes matching either photo ID or bank details and reviewing against linked addresses, aliases, fraud checks and the electoral roll.

We search the files of a leading credit reference agency and review against lender accounts, linked addresses, undeclared addresses, aliases, electoral roll and anti-money laundering checks.

We check for pending or negative County Court Judgment rulings against the tenant.

We check to see if the tenant has a history of bankruptcy.

We check to see if the tenant has a valid mobile number.

We check to see if the tenant has a UK bank account.

We check to see if the tenant is employed.

Workplace verified:

Job title: Trainee Solicitor
Annual salary/earnings: £32,000
Employment type: Full-time
Employment term: Permanent
Probationary period: No

Right to rent

We do a preliminary right to rent check, which is assessing if the prospective tenant has the legal right to be in the UK. It is a legal responsibility of landlords in England to conduct right to rent checks on new tenants.

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landlord profile photo Michael T approved

Anna rented from Michael between April 2015 and March 2016

"Anna was a great tenant, always respectful to my property. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other landlords."