RentProfile provides means to check a UK landlord, online and with little fuss. This benefits renters who get some peace of mind when transferring money and landlords who can now protect themselves against impersonation.

Story behind the site

RentProfile was inspired after one of the founders was the victim of a rental scam. Whilst at university and like thousands do everyday he followed up on an ad, met the landlord and viewed the property. Everything seemed fine and so he transferred money for the deposit and first months rent. On the agreed move in date the landlord didn't show up and instead sent a text demanding another months rent. After not agreeing to pay the landlord wasn't contactable. It was later learnt that this was someone pretending to be a genuine landlord and at least 8 other students had been conned by the same scam, losing between them over £20,000 which was never recovered.

It was after this experience we began to investigate examples of rental scams and started designing a system to prevent them.

About the founders

Paul Munday

Paul looks after product development, partnerships and planning. He was previously one of the early product managers at Skype and later Betfair where he managed account sections of the website.

David Munday

David develops our website and checking technology. He is a Sports Management graduate and later attended Harvard University's Computer Science CS50 course.