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  • What is RentProfile?

    RentProfile develops technology that powers trust and convenience for the rental market. In 2016 they developed the UK’s first online landlord background check, followed by their award-winning tenant Referencing technology, from which they have processed over 100,000 check reports. Their latest product, Onboarding, simplifies the setup and management of new tenancies for agents, landlords and tenants. They provide further convenience for agents by offering Rent Guarantee and facilitating Landlord AML and Right to Rent checks.


  • What is Onboarding?

    Onboarding streamlines the setup and management of new tenancies. Sometimes referred to as ‘Tenancy Progression’, this includes the steps between a prospective tenant indicating they would like to rent a property and agreeing a tenancy.

  • What does Onboarding include?

    Onboarding includes easy setup and management of Agency Terms, Referencing Criteria, Holding Deposit, Referencing, Tenancy Agreement, Deposit registration and Initial Rent.

  • What are the benefits of Onboarding?

    Onboarding automates tenancy progression between the steps, for example if a tenant agrees to Agency Terms, Referencing Criteria and pays the Holding Deposit they are automatically progressed to the Referencing stage. This dramatically reduces tenancy setup time allowing agents to focus more on generating new business and customer service.

  • How does Onboarding work?

    Agents can set up a tenancy, new or renewal, in under a minute using a simple form. From here tenants are invited to start the process through the website or Renters’ mobile app. As tenants progress, agents can track each tenancy in the dashboard and are alerted if there is something requiring their attention. RentProfile’s Property Week award-winning Referencing is built into the heart of the product.

  • How does Onboarding help agents ensure compliance?

    Onboarding ensures that agents stay compliant at each stage of a tenancy. This includes:

    • Sending Agency terms to be agreed by the tenant.

    • Referencing Criteria which is specific to each individual tenant and tenancy.

    • Reliable Referencing checks with advanced risk scoring.

    • Online Right to Rent checks for COVID-19, and the option to perform checks on viewings with the Agents App. RentProfile warns agents when documents may expire.

    • Referencing meets the requirements for Rent Guarantee insurance.

    • Distribution of up-to-date legally required documents such as the How to Rent Guide, Energy, Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates.

    • Holding deposit and deposit limits set automatically - agents cannot enter values above the deposit caps.

    • Secure and seamless handling of holding deposits, with warnings on tenancy setup 15 day expiry.

    • A legally approved tenancy agreement.

    • All tenancies and records organised and searchable in the Agent Dashboard.

  • Can Onboarding be used for renewals or let-only tenancies?

    Onboarding can be used for new tenancies and renewals, as well as let-only or managed tenancies.

  • How do tenants or guarantors complete Onboarding applications?

    Tenants and guarantors are sent an invitation to complete applications either through our dedicated Renters’ mobile app or on the web.

  • How can agents get support when using Onboarding?

    Please email support@rentprofile.co where a member of the support team will be in touch, or alternatively call on 0203 905 1118. The average response time for email support is less than 20 minutes.

Setting up Onboarding

Tenancy Agreements / Compliance

Holding Deposit


Deposit / Initial Rent


  • What information is gathered for tenant referencing check reports?

    Tenants are requested to provide information to validate their identity (name, date of birth and current address), as well as employment and affordability details to determine whether they can pass referencing. RentProfile also collects a previous landlord or agent reference.

  • How long do tenant referencing reports take?

    The majority of tenant referencing reports are completed under 24 hours from when the renter signs up.

  • What if the tenant is unresponsive during the referencing check?

    RentProfile will attempt to contact the tenant to progress with their referencing check. If the tenant is still unresponsive after 2-3 days, the requester is informed that there is a delay in the tenant’s referencing check.

  • In what format is the referencing check shared?

    Agents can view the Comprehensive Tenant Check Report in the Agent Dashboard, in PDF format, and within the Agents mobile app. Landlords are sent a PDF of the report to their email address. The report provides a tenancy recommendation and risk assessment, as well as a breakdown of all individual referencing checks.

  • Is there any open banking capability?

    During Referencing, there is an open banking capability to electronically verify bank statements including income and account balance. Tenants are asked to enable open banking, allowing them to securely sign in with their UK bank account details and consent to sharing statement details. RentProfile does not see or share bank account login information, and the information is used solely for assessing affordability. Open Banking is well established now in the UK; it is mandated by the UK’s 9 largest banks and most others participate.

  • Are RentProfile’s tenancy checks compliant with GDPR?

    It is of high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information that agents, tenants and landlords provide. RentProfile has been registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) since 2016. The ICO is the supervisory authority for data protection in the UK. RentProfile adheres to terms set out in the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK’s implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Consent is always required from tenants before providing information; tenants also have a right to a copy of the information and can request for information to be deleted at any time. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

  • Can a Rent Guarantee insurance policy be added to the referencing?

    If the tenant passes referencing with a ‘Low’ or ‘Medium Low’ risk, they are eligible for Rent Guarantee, provided they meet the other purchasing criteria, latest of which can be found here. RentProfile has partnered with Alan Boswell to provide Rent Guarantee insurance.

  • What are the standard Right to Rent checks included within Referencing?

    RentProfile will perform a preliminary Right to Rent check on tenants. Tenants are advised that they are required to provide Right to Rent documentation as per the Immigration Act. The tenant then self-declares that they have the suitable documentation. RentProfile can provide further support in carrying out Right to Rent checks for an additional fee - see the “Full Right to Rent checks for Agents” section for more information.

  • Is Referencing included in Onboarding?

    Yes, Referencing is built into the Onboarding product.

Getting set up

Employment and affordability

Failed referencing checks and guarantors

Full Right to Rent checks for Agents

Landlord AML checks for Agents

Company as Tenant check Reports for Agents

Landlord Profile

  • Can landlords request a Landlord Profile to share with prospective tenants?

    Yes - RentProfile can conduct a background check on landlords, creating a unique profile for them called the Landlord Profile. This allows the landlord to share their profile and build trust with their tenants by demonstrating their credentials, claiming their properties and protecting themselves from being impersonated.

  • What details are included in the Landlord Profile?

    The Landlord Profile protects the landlord's privacy whilst providing a tenant with confidence that they are dealing with the legitimate landlord. Tenants can validate the following from the Landlord Profile: mobile number, rental addresses, last 4 digits of bank account number (ensuring verified transfer of deposits etc.), as well as an identity check and information of whether they are an accredited or licensed landlord.

  • What are the benefits of a Landlord Profile?

    A Landlord Profile allows the landlord to demonstrate their credentials to tenants and protect from impersonation. Unlike a traditional one-time background check a Landlord Profile can be re-used and added to over time, such as including recommendations from previous tenancies. The Landlord Profile is automatically added to the RentProfile landlord directory, a searchable record of genuine landlords who have created profiles. It is free to search the landlord directory and verify landlord information. Landlords can hide their profile visibility if they so choose.

  • Where can tenants or agents search for verified landlords?

    Tenants and agents can search for verified landlords in the landlord directory. This is a free, searchable record of landlords who have created profiles.

  • Can a Landlord Profile be shared on other websites or in emails?

    Yes, the landlord can share their profile on their website or in emails.

  • How long does it take to create a Landlord Profile?

    Landlords can sign up here. RentProfile will ask for details about the landlord and their property addresses in order to complete the checks. The majority of checks can be completed within 24 hours, as well as adding the landlord to the directory.

  • What information is needed to create a Landlord Profile?

    RentProfile requires from the landlord a recent photo and UK bank account details (which is never shared in full), as well as details of rental properties in order to verify ownership. In some cases it will be required to send a copy of photo ID such as a passport or driving license.

  • How much does a Landlord Profile cost to create?

    It is free to create a Landlord Profile

  • How is a Landlord Profile more effective than using the Land Registry when checking Landlords?

    RentProfile checks utilise land registry information to provide details of ownership, however, knowing the owner's name does not guarantee that they are the genuine landlord. Many scammers know who the landlord is and impersonate them. The Landlord Profile goes further including identity, landlord licensing and prosecutions, as well as reports from other renters.

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