Today there is a compromise between the unsafe nature of listing sites and letting agents who can charge high fees. Many have no choice but to take chances which can be a daunting experience. RentProfile provides means to check a landlord, online and with little fuss. This benefits renters who get peace of mind when transferring money and landlord's who want to show theyʼre genuine.

A landlord can sign up and add themselves to our directory - they are then searchable by renters. If when a renter searches we have no record then they can request a landlord check report, for which we charge a small fee. Alternatively they can invite the landlord to sign up, which is free during our initial promotional period.

We hope the site can eradicate rental scams and improve rental experiences for the majority of good landlords and renters.

Each landlord in our directory is provided a unique 6 digit reference which they can share with prospective tenants (including in listings) and when entered into our search matches their profile.

The landlord directory is our searchable record of landlord's whose details we have previously approved. It is free to search the landlord directory and verify landlord information such as rental property address.


Unfortunately cases of rental fraud are quite common in the UK.

We've been the victims of rental fraud ourselves and so know how terrible an experience it can be. It's what inspired us to develop a system of landlord verification which can be used to provide greater confidence before transferring money for deposit and rent.

You can use our search to check if the landlord is in our directory. If there's a match you can verify information such as mobile phone number, rental address ownership and bank details. If there's no match you can invite the landlord to sign up or with some more details request a landlord background check which costs £9.

Yes we contact the landlord during the checking process.

You can verify a landlord's mobile number, rental property addresses, and last 4 digits of bank account number on the landlord's profile page. Enter the details you understand to be true on the landlord's profile and to verify the information.

We charge to check a landlord as we utilise paid for information, it also takes time to process necessary checks. You can also invite the landlord to sign up, which is free for a limited time.

Checks can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 days depending on the responsiveness of the landlord and number of checks that we have to process. For requests submitted before 6pm we aim to complete necessary checks same day.

Then we recommend not proceeding with this rental opportunity, no matter how convincing the individual you're dealing with appears to be. It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure information within the profile is up to date to prevent cases of rental fraud.

As part of our checks we utilise land registry information to provide details of ownership, however knowing the owner's name does not guarantee that they are the person you're dealing with. Many scammers know who the landlord is and impersonate them. Our checks go further including identity, landlord licensing, and prosecutions, as well as reports from other renters.


We know that most landlords are genuine however there is no way to tell this when looking to rent a place today, especially on listing sites which have very little or no vetting.

If you receive a request from a prospective tenant to sign up please don't take it personally, much like you wouldn't expect them to if you requested a tenant reference check of them. It is showing responsibility to know you're dealing with the right individual and build trust, especially before transferring a large sum of money.

In some rental scams the fake landlord will use the name of the genuine landlord. We also alert landlords to someone attempting to impersonate them. This kind of fraud can be prevented by signing up as landlord and creating a profile which is linked to your address/es.

You can sign up here. We will ask for details about you and your property addresses in order to complete our checks. We aim to complete checks and add you to the directory same day.

You may also be invited to sign up from a renter who is looking for assurance you are the genuine landlord, in which case you'll receive a text and instructions in how to complete the checking process.

If you are not entering details of the landlord then the checks will fail. You will need to request the landlord to use the site.

Signing up with up to 5 rental properties is free for a limited time. Additional properties can be added to your profile for £9 a year.

If a renter has made the request then we require a recent photo and your UK bank account details (which we do not share in full). If you are signing up as a landlord then we will also request details of your rental properties in order to verify ownership. In some cases we will require a copy of photo ID such as passport or driving license.

We ask for bank details to run additional anti-fraud checks and to share the last 4 digits with the prospective tenant. This ensures that you (the rightful landlord) and not a scammer receives the deposit and rent payments.

We do not and will never collect sensitive information such as your bank password, pin code or security questions and answers.

We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and are bound to rules set therein that information is only used for its intended purpose, in our case to provide greater level of information in determining if somebody is the genuine landlord or not.

We do not share your information with 3rd parties for marketing and sales purposes. Where we have requested a copy of photo ID we delete it from our records after 30 days.

Within our directory we provide means for prospective tenants to validate information, however they need to know the information in order to match it. Please see our example landlord profile. We've designed it this way to protect the landlord's privacy whilst providing a renter confidence they are dealing with the legitimate landlord.

Renters can validate the following:

  • Mobile number - helpful to know they're dealing with the right individual

  • Rental addresses - to ensure they're visiting the right address

  • Last 4 digits of bank account number - to ensure they transfer money for deposit and rental payments into the correct account

We also display information if you are an accredited or licensed landlord, with an explanation of what each of these mean.