• How can I request a Tenant Check report?

    Very easily, you can invite the applicant within the Agent Dashboard, which takes seconds. For more than one individual applicant a combined affordability analysis option is provided.

  • What is Tenant Profile and how does it work?

    Renters sign up and create their own Tenant Profile, where they add information such as previous rental history, workplace information and references, which we then verify/refresh at the time a Tenant Check Report is requested. Over time renters can add to their Tenant Profile, further enhancing trust.

  • Do I need to chase the prospective tenant to complete the checks?

    No, our system will prompt applicants at different stages of the checking process. As renters go through the checking process the status is displayed in the Agent Dashboard and updated in real-time. Only in rare circumstances do we contact the Letting Agent to explain that the applicant appears to be unresponsive.